Sunday, July 14, 2024

‘I Was Born in Very Wrong Country’, Senior Actor Rashid Fumes Over Hefty Electricity Bill

Senior actor Rashid Mahmood has expressed his frustration over high electricity bills, leading to intense criticism of the authorities on social media.

In a viral video, he shows a copy of his large bill and passionately speaks about the challenges he faces. Despite using 701 units of electricity, he is upset because his earnings are not enough to cover such expenses. He expresses his disappointment by saying, “I was born in a very wrong country.”

Rashid Mahmood is also dealing with health problems and has had several surgeries in the past. He feels overwhelmed and is thinking about giving up, questioning the purpose of life even though he feels like he has been saved from worse situations.

His emotional plea highlights the difficulties that artists face, urging people to show more empathy and find solutions to these problems. The video has drawn attention to the financial and personal struggles of artists, suggesting that there is a need for better support and understanding for those in the creative industry.

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