Wednesday, September 27, 2023

“I Was Robbed of $5000 and Shahid Afridi Offered to Help Me” Sanam Jang

Sanam Jung, who is married to pilot Qasam Jaffrey, has a daughter named Alaya. Sanam often talks about her daughter and their family life.During a podcast as a guest, Sanam shared a story about a trip to Canada with her mother. While they were shopping and taking selfies, someone stole $5,000 from her. Sanam was shocked and immediately asked her husband to cancel the credit card she had.

Sanam then informed her mother about what had happened, and they both returned to their hotel. On the same day, Sanam had the opportunity to meet Shahid Afridi, a famous personality who was in Toronto for an event. When Afridi learned about Sanam’s situation, he kindly offered to help her and asked if she needed money.

Sanam appreciated Afridi’s behavior and kindness, and even though her mother was with her, she will always remember his polite gesture.

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