Monday, October 2, 2023

I Was Told that My ‘Medal of Distinction’ was Awarded to Mehwish Hayat: Haseeb Pasha

Haseeb Pasha, who played Hamon magician in Pakistan’s popular drama ‘Ainakwala Jin,’ claims he was told that the ‘Tamgha Imtiaz’ given to him was actually given to actress Mehwish Hayat.

During a podcast interview, the host asked Hasib Pasha about the official honors he received.

In response to the host, Haseeb Pasha stated that the former chairman of Hamra, Atta-ul-Haq Qasmi, who has seen my drama Aynakwala three or four times, told me when he was appointed chairman that as much work as you have done, you should be proud of your performance. Should we meet, I was surprised but delighted to hear his words. He informed me that your name had been forwarded to Islamabad following approval by the 16-member committee.

Haseeb Pasha stated that my name was removed from the list of this honour in Islamabad; my name had been sent for this honour for four years, but on the day of the award, my award was given to a deceased artist.

During the interview, Haseeb Pasha stated, “I was told that Mehwish Hayat, an actress who serialised a drama, was given my award, and I thought there was no honour for a person who has worked for children for 40 years.” Instead, an actress who appeared in a serial was given this honour because she gave a wonderful performance in the serial; a girl was given this award. Some people make fun of my name.

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