Thursday, December 7, 2023

ICC Accepts DRS Blunder in Pakistan vs South Africa World Cup match

Fans and cricket experts have raised concerns about the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Decision Review System (DRS) rules following Pakistan’s recent loss to South Africa. The defeat has put Pakistan’s chances of reaching the semifinals in jeopardy.

Many cricket experts expressed frustration with the inconsistent umpiring and the rules set by the cricket governing body. They argued that if the ball is shown by the graphics to be hitting the stumps, the decision should be given as out, regardless of the on-field umpire’s initial decision.

During the intense match between Pakistan and South Africa, a DRS decision caught everyone’s attention. Replays indicated that the ball was just touching the leg stump, sparking a huge online reaction with thousands of posts shared.

In response to the controversy, the International Cricket Council (ICC) admitted to an error in the first ball-tracking graphic, stating that it was incomplete and displayed incorrectly. An ICC spokesperson explained that during the LBW review of Rassie van der Dussen, an incomplete graphic was mistakenly shown, but a complete and accurate graphic was eventually displayed.

This is not the first time the Decision Review System has faced scrutiny, as previous on-field decisions in favor of Australian players were also overturned. South Africa secured a crucial win by a narrow one-wicket margin in the highly anticipated match.

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