Friday, April 19, 2024

If Human Rights Standards Are Not Met, Pakistan’s GSP+ Status May Be Revoked

In light of an “alarming” increase in the use of blasphemy accusations in Pakistan, as well as a rising number of online and offline attacks on journalists and civil society organizations, the European Parliament has passed a resolution calling for a reassessment of Pakistan’s GSP+ status.
According to a statement made by Miriam Garcia Ferrer, the European Commission’s trade representative, Pakistan had been warned that if they continued to violate the conditions and requirements of Human Rights, they would face a temporary suspension of their GSP+ (GSP PLUS) status.
“The EU continues to engage with the Government of Pakistan to ensure that Pakistan complies with its international commitments, particularly in the area of human rights,” she added.
On the other hand, the resolution applauds the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s recent decision to prohibit the execution of convicts with mental illnesses. It demands that all people facing the death penalty in Pakistan have their sentences commuted to ensure that their right to a fair trial is upheld.
In its most recent GSP+ evaluation of Pakistan, released on February 10, 2020, the Commission voiced several severe concerns about the country’s human rights situation.
If Pakistan loses its GSP-Plus status, it would have a domino effect that will hasten the collapse of the banking sector, followed by the bankruptcy of the real estate and transportation industries.

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