Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Iftikhar Ahmed Requested Elon Musk to Ban Verified X Account for Spreading Fake News

Iftikhar Ahmed, a cricket player, got upset with someone on Twitter who lied and said he said things he didn’t actually say.

A person named Nawaz on the website X posted a message that looked like it came from Iftikhar Ahmed. The message said, ‘When we play against India, it feels like we’re playing with kids from the street.’ Iftikhar Ahmed quickly shared the link and picture of this tweet to say he never said that and he doesn’t agree with it.

He said, “I found out about a statement I never said. No real cricket player would ever say something like that.” He asked people not to spread false and mean news and asked his fans to report the account that shared the false statement.

Also, the cricket player tagged the website X and its owner Elon Musk. He asked them to close the account that used his verified BlueTick status for bad things.By the way, the tweet from the person Nawaz has been taken down now.

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