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Igniting Hope: Taj Gasoline Launches #LiterLiterUmeed Campaign for Palestine

Every drop fuels a brighter future! Taj Gasoline, a prominent name in Pakistan’s fuel retail sector, is kindling optimism for Palestine with the introduction of its “Liter Liter Umeed” campaign. This transformative endeavor aims to provide crucial aid to the Palestinian people, one liter at a time.

Empowering Every Purchase

Under the “Liter Liter Umeed” campaign, Taj Gasoline is converting each liter of fuel bought into vital support for Palestine. With every refuelling, a contribution of 1 Rupee is pledged, extending a helping hand regardless of whether you’re a loyal Taj patron or a new customer. By simply refuelling your vehicle, you actively participate in the solution. This initiative echoes Taj Gasoline’s steadfast commitment to social responsibility and its pledge to assist communities in distress. The company distinguishes itself as one of Pakistan’s few corporate entities taking a proactive stance in aiding Palestine’s relief efforts.

It is also imperative to note that we are not charging any additional amount as we apply OGRA regulated rates throughout our network. Additionally, Tag Gasoline is making donations on behalf of our customers.

Solidarity with Al Khidmat Foundation

Taj Gasoline has forged a partnership with Al Khidmat Foundation, a renowned humanitarian organization known for its effective distribution of aid to underserved communities. This collaboration ensures that every contribution is directed towards Palestine, guaranteeing impactful assistance where it’s needed most.

About Taj Gasoline

Taj Gasoline stands as a premier provider of retail petroleum products and services across Pakistan. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality fuels, exceptional customer service, and a profound dedication to community welfare. Their stations serve as more than just refuelling stops; they embody a progressive vision for the future of fuelling.

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