Sunday, July 21, 2024

‘Important to Use Your Brain’ – Rohit Hits Back at Inzamam’s Ball-Tampering Accusations

Rohit Sharma responded sharply to Inzamam-ul-Haq’s allegations that India tampered with the ball during their 2024 T20 World Cup match against Australia. Inzamam, the former Pakistan captain, suggested that India manipulated the ball to get early reverse swing, which helped their bowlers limit Australia to 181-7, leading to India’s 24-run victory.

Rohit dismissed these claims, advising Inzamam to “use his brain.” He explained that the reverse swing was due to the dry, hot conditions, not any ball tampering. Rohit pointed out that all teams are experiencing reverse swing under such weather conditions.

He made it clear that India’s success was due to their skill and the natural conditions, not unfair play. India’s bowlers worked hard to achieve their performance, and the weather played a significant role in the ball’s behavior. Rohit emphasized the importance of acknowledging the environmental factors that impact the game.

India is now preparing to face England in the semi-final on Thursday in Guyana. This upcoming match is highly anticipated, and Rohit is confident in his team’s abilities. The team is focused and ready to continue their strong performance in the tournament.

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