Friday, September 22, 2023

Imran Khan Becomes Most Followed Pakistani Politician on Newly Launched ‘Threads’

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the most followed Pakistani politician on the “Threads” app. This app, created by Mark Zuckerberg, allows Khan to connect with a large number of people and share his political views directly. It shows that Khan is highly popular and influential, both in Pakistan and globally.

Threads provides a new space for politicians to interact with their followers and expand their online presence. By being the most followed politician on this app, Khan can engage with a diverse audience and have meaningful discussions with his supporters.

This accomplishment highlights Khan’s ability to adapt to the digital world and utilize social media platforms effectively. It also shows how important these platforms have become in shaping political discussions and public opinions.

By gaining a strong following on Threads, Khan has enhanced his digital presence and strengthened his political brand. He can now reach a wider audience and mobilize support through this app.

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