Saturday, July 20, 2024

“Imran Khan is not Safe in Pakistan, Why Should India go there to Play Asia Cup?”: Harbhajan Singh

Former Indian sniper Harbhajan Singh has issued a remark against Pakistan’s hosting of the Asia Cup this year, where the Indian cricket team is due to compete.

The Asia Cup Cricket Competition must be hosted by Pakistan this year, and since India has declined to send a team, it is thought that the Asia Cup should be moved from Pakistan to another nation.

After India’s statement that it will not be taking part in the Asia Cup, Pakistan has also threatened to pull out of the World Cup being held in India this year.   

In this situation, former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh has also advised the Indian cricket team not to visit Pakistan.

Harbhajan Singh said, “I think India will not go to Pakistan and play the Asia Cup. Why is the situation not good? Something new is happening every day, their former Prime Minister Imran Khan is not safe in Pakistan, and some people shot them. In such a situation, why did the Indian team go to Pakistan and play in the Asia Cup?

He said that in my view, India should not go to Pakistan, and the Asia Cup matches should also be played on neutral grounds.

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