Wednesday, October 4, 2023

In a German Village Called Fuggerei, The Rent Hasn’t Been Raised Since 1520, It Costs Just $1 to Live Entire Year

In a charming village called Fuggerei, located in Bavaria, Germany, people have a special kind of housing that has been available for more than 500 years. This place, called the Fuggerei, is the oldest social housing area in the world.

It was created in 1520 by a wealthy businessman named Jakob Fugger. The cost to live there has stayed the same since it started.People who live in the Fuggerei can stay in one of the 67 houses in the area, which also has a church and a garden, for just one euro per year.

But there are some rules. People who want to live there must be Catholic and have been living nearby for at least two years before they can apply for a place to live. They also need to say three prayers every day for the Fugger family, who still own the place.

The Fuggerei was made to help people who don’t have a lot of money find homes they can afford. Even today, it continues to do the same thing. Since the rent is very low, the village has a strong sense of community, and many of the people who live there are older or have disabilities.

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