Tuesday, July 23, 2024

In China, A Scannable QR Code was Projected in the Sky by Drones and When Scan Allowed People to Download a Video Game. This is the Future of Advertising!

In Shanghai, a spectacular light show took place with the participation of numerous drones. The drones lit up the night sky, creating mesmerizing patterns and designs. The show ended with the formation of a giant QR code, representing China’s thriving digital economy and consumer culture.

QR codes are widely used in China for various purposes, such as adding friends on messaging apps, making payments at markets and restaurants, and even donating to charities.

The illuminated QR code served as a flying billboard and was part of a light show organized by Bilibili, a Chinese video-streaming company. The event celebrated the first anniversary of the China release of a popular Japanese role-playing game called Princess Connect!

Overall, the light show showcased the innovative use of technology and the significance of QR codes in China’s digital landscape.

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