Wednesday, September 27, 2023

In Japan, there is a Museum Dedicated to Rocks that Look Like Faces

Sometimes our brains make us see patterns that aren’t really there. This is called pareidolia, and it happens when we interpret random shapes or objects as recognizable patterns, like seeing faces or objects on the surface of Mars.

In Japan, there is a unique and fun museum called Chinsekikan, which means “hall of curious rocks.” Inside the museum, there are over 1,700 rocks that look unusual in different ways. About 900 of these rocks resemble faces, including famous ones like E.T., Elvis Presley, and Jesus Christ.

The museum was created by a man named Shozo Hayama, who collected these strange-shaped rocks for fifty years. After Hayama passed away in 2010, his wife Yoshiko Hayama took over and continues to run the museum. It is located just a two-hour drive northwest of Tokyo.

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