Saturday, March 2, 2024

In Japan, There is a Theme Park Named as Kidzania Where Kids can Experience Adult Life (Working Banking, Driving etc)

KidZania, a popular chain of theme parks where children can try out different adult roles, is set to open in London. Michael Booth, a father visiting the Tokyo KidZania with his sons, witnessed their exciting adventures.

His seven-year-old son got caught up in solving a crime with his newfound friends. They found a stolen wallet and worked together to locate its owner, displaying a serious and focused attitude.Meanwhile, just across the street, his four-year-old son eagerly participated in the art of pizza making. He felt proud and determined, as if he had been doing it every day.

KidZania Tokyo, one of the many branches of this growing global theme park chain, offers a unique experience. The park resembles a smaller version of a town, complete with artificial skies, streets, and buildings that house 70 different establishments.

These establishments range from pizzerias to police stations, and even include a Boeing 737 fuselage where children can pretend to be cabin crew members. Thousands of children aged four to fifteen visit daily and actively participate in various roles.

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