Friday, April 19, 2024

In Sindh, investment to be done by Kuwait’s company in solar and water projects

Enertech has an interest in investing in the water, solar and food safety areas of the Kuwaiti state-owned enterprise in Sindh.

Sindh Minister-in-Office Syed Murad Ali Shah stated his administration has an extensive plan for promoting agriculture through the establishment of photovoltaic pipelines and the export of calfs. “It would be done either with private sector backing or through a public private partnership.” This programme would be implemented.

He spoke to the Enertech deputy head of his CEO Abdullah Al Mutairi throughout the discussion.

The visiting group said that the chief minister wanted to work together with the province administration for the water sector, including the distribution of Hilal meat, solar systems and livestock production.

The CEO Abdullah Al Mutairi said “Our firm will make direct investments and, when needed, would work on PPP mode.”

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