Saturday, December 2, 2023

Incubated ICU Patient Enjoys Short Vacation Using VR Alongside Physical Exercise

A creative idea is making a positive difference for patients in the ICU. They’re using virtual reality (VR) along with exercise to help patients feel better. A patient in the ICU recently tried this exciting idea.

They put on a special VR headset and took a virtual vacation while doing exercises. This new way of doing things is meant to help patients feel happier and move their bodies even when they’re in the ICU.

With the VR headset, the patient could feel like they were in a calm and peaceful place, away from the hospital. At the same time, they did exercises that were made just for them and their health needs.

This special combination of technology and exercises doesn’t just make the patient’s time in the hospital more enjoyable, it also helps them get better overall.

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