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India 6th, Bangladesh 29th, Pakistan Lags at Disappointing 1336th in Google Coding Contest

The Google Coding Competition announced its global rankings, showcasing top programming talents worldwide. India ranked 6th among South Asian countries, while Bangladesh secured an impressive 29th place. However, Pakistan only managed to secure the 1336th position, which is unfortunate.

India’s Consistent Growth

Indian programmers are well-known for their technical skills and they proved it again in this year’s Google Coding Competition where they secured the 6th position globally. India’s progress can be attributed to their focus on STEM education and the growing technology sector. Indian developers have contributed significantly to the international tech industry with many of them working in top positions in global giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Adobe.

Bangladesh’s Impressive Leap

Bangladesh ranked 29th in the Google Coding Competition, due to its recent focus on digital transformation. The Digital Bangladesh initiative launched in 2009 aims to bridge the digital divide and create a knowledge-based society. As a result, there are now more tech start-ups and investment in IT infrastructure, leading to an increase in the number of talented Bangladeshi programmers showcasing their skills globally.

Pakistan’s Struggle

Pakistan’s performance in the Google Coding Competition was disappointing, ranking at 1336th place. The country’s lack of investment in education, technology, and exposure to international coding platforms can be blamed for this. This ranking underscores the urgent need for Pakistan to improve its IT infrastructure, promote innovation, and embrace technology.


The Google Coding Competition results highlight the significance of investing in education and innovation. India and Bangladesh’s excellent performances demonstrate the benefits of prioritizing STEM education and digital transformation. Conversely, Pakistan’s low ranking emphasizes the urgent need to improve its education and technology sectors. By learning from neighboring countries and taking proactive measures to develop a skilled workforce, Pakistan can aspire to excel in future coding competitions and unlock its potential in the global tech industry.

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