Friday, May 31, 2024

India admits to ‘Accidentally’ Firing missile to Pakistan

India blames a “technical fault” during routine maintenance for firing a missile into Pakistan on Wednesday.

It was “very regretful,” according to Delhi, which expressed satisfaction that no one was killed.

According to Pakistan’s military, a “high-speed flying object” crashed near the eastern city of Mian Channu, endangering passenger aircraft. Both countries are equipped with nuclear weapons.

India’s defence ministry said in a statement: “A technical breakdown during normal maintenance on March 9, 2022 resulted in the inadvertent firing of a missile. The Indian government has taken a serious stance and has appointed a high-level court of inquiry.”

Islamabad cautioned Delhi to “be mindful of the unfavourable consequences of such indifference” and to avoid repeating the mistake. According to the report, the item was launched from Sirsa in the state of Haryana.

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