Thursday, December 7, 2023

India, Filipino, Pakistani Expats Win Dh100,000 Each in Latest Mahzooz Draw

In the 151st Mahzooz Saturday Millions raffle, three fortunate expats in the UAE struck gold, each winning Dh100,000. Meet the winners: Vijay from India, Agustin from the Philippines, and Anwar from Pakistan.

Vijay, a dedicated UAE resident of 18 years and a project coordinator, played Mahzooz regularly. His Dh100,000 win was a delightful surprise, even though he’d dreamed of the Dh20,000,000 prize. His plan now is to invest this sum in a UAE business.

Originally from the Philippines and residing in the UAE for 19 years, Agustin received an unexpected email, notifying him of his Dh100,000 win. He initially thought it was a small prize, but it turned out to be real on Sunday morning. He trusts Mahzooz for its transparency and intends to start a business upon his return to the Philippines in 2025.

Anwar, hailing from Pakistan, recently moved to Dubai to work for a transportation company. Watching the live draw with friends on a Saturday evening, he was left overjoyed and almost in disbelief by his luck. Inspired by a fellow Pakistani’s Mahzooz success story, he registered and, after purchasing five lines in 2023, added another impressive achievement to his list, a Dh100,000 raffle draw win. As a young winner, Anwar envisions traveling the world, including a dream of visiting Canada, while planning to invest in a small transport business in the UAE.

For just Dh35, anyone can participate in the Mahzooz Saturday Millions draw and get a chance at Dh20,000,000, along with many other exciting prizes.

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