Monday, October 2, 2023

India is Bent on Knocking Pakistan Out of Asia Cup

After the hybrid model proposed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was rejected, the Pakistani authorities now have no option but to host the tournament in the islands or withdraw.

According to the details, in the next meeting of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), a clear message will be given to the PCB regarding the venue of the Asia Cup. The message will state that other countries participating in the tournament have agreed to play in Sri Lanka.

Sources say that in such a situation, Pakistan has no choice but to implement the decision to hold the tournament in the Islands or withdraw from the hosting altogether. In such a situation, PCB may boycott this year’s World Cup in India.

In this regard, the Indian media has claimed that after the hybrid model of the Asia Cup was rejected by the Indian Cricket Board, there is a possibility that the Pakistani cricket team will not participate in the Asia Cup this year.

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