Wednesday, February 28, 2024

India Released Pigeon Accused of Spying After 8 Months

A pigeon that found itself in Indian police custody for eight months under suspicion of being a Chinese spy has finally been released, as it has been cleared of all charges.

The bird came under scrutiny when it was apprehended at a Mumbai port, and messages in a script resembling Chinese characters were discovered written on its wings. Initially, the police registered a case of spying against the pigeon, initiating a legal investigation.

However, after eight months of thorough examination, the charges against the avian suspect were dropped. During the inquiry period, the pigeon was housed in a city hospital. This incident is not the first time that pigeons have been detained in India due to suspicions of espionage, as similar unusual incidents have been reported in the past.

The release of the pigeon marks the end of an unusual chapter, highlighting the quirky nature of this particular case. While pigeons are not conventional suspects in matters of espionage, this incident adds to the curious history of avian involvements in security concerns in the region.

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