Monday, October 2, 2023

Indian Actress and Former Bigg Boss Contestant Dipika Kakkar Quits Showbiz

Indian actress Dipika Kakar, who converted to Islam, has now announced to leave showbiz.

Deepika Kakkar, the winner of the indian reality show Bigg Boss season 12, famous indian drama serial ‘Sasural Simarka’, converted to Islam in 2018 and married Muslim co-star Shoaib Ibrahim, their pair is very much liked in India.

The actress also changed her name from Deepika to Faiza, recently Shoaib Ibrahim reported that his wife was pregnant.

Now the actress has left showbiz with the mutual consent of her husband for domesticity.

Deepika Kakkar has said in an interview that she has planned for the future, according to which she will leave showbiz and live as a housewife and give time to her family.

The actress added that she is enjoying the stages of pregnancy and is extremely happy with her married life.

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