Thursday, June 1, 2023

Indian Actress Dies in Road Accident

Bengali actress Suchandra Dasgupta has died in a road accident.

According to Indian media reports, actress Suchandra Dasgupta was returning to her father’s house with a bike rider booked from the online service after completing a shoot in Kolkata on Saturday when the bike met with an accident.

Reports say that when a bicycle came from the front of the bike, the driver suddenly tried to apply brakes, during which actress Suchandra Dasgupta, who was sitting behind the bike, fell on the road and died after being hit by a truck coming from behind.

After the accident, the police present there immediately stopped the truck and arrested the driver.

According to Indian media reports, the 29-year-old actress has been a part of many Bengali TV shows and mostly played small roles in dramas.

Hearing the news of the actress’s death, co-actors and various personalities from the Bengali showbiz industry are expressing grief.

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