Saturday, June 3, 2023

Indian Businessman in UAE Announces 13.4 Million Dirhams Reward for Employees, Families as His Company Turns 25

Aries Group of Companies celebrated its 25th anniversary by announcing a reward of Rs 300 million (Dh13.4 million) for its employees and their families. Sohan Roy, the founder and CEO, expressed gratitude to the employees for their support and emphasized the importance of employee happiness.

To strengthen the bond within the Aries Group family, the company invited the parents of 25 employees for the silver jubilee celebrations. The reward distribution mechanism ensures fairness for employees who have completed a minimum of five years with the group.

Since its establishment in 1998, Aries Group has allocated 50% of its profits to employees and implemented various social responsibility schemes. The company supports employee welfare, housing, education, and skill development.

During the pandemic, Aries Group provided increments instead of salary cuts, prioritizing employee support. The company has also taken significant steps towards women empowerment, including “Baby Care Leave,” menstrual leave, anti-dowry policies, and more.

Employees appreciate the personal care and mental support, fostering a happy and proud workforce. Muhammed Basheer, a long-term employee, expressed gratitude for the CEO’s vision and care during personal crises.

Meghraj, whose parents were flown in from Nepal, expressed pride and gratitude for the hospitality. Aries Group’s commitment to employee well-being sets an example for other organizations, fostering pride and unity within the company.

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