Saturday, December 2, 2023

Indian Expat in UAE Earning Dh4,000 Wins Dh 15 Million With Big Ticket Bought On His Birthday

Sakil Khan Sarwar Khan, an Indian expat in the UAE, just won a huge prize of Dh15 million from Abu Dhabi Big Ticket. He got this lucky ticket on his birthday, July 25. He has been trying his luck along with his friends for a while, about 10 to 15 of them, entering different draws like Dubai Duty Free and Mahzooz.

Khan has been in Dubai since 2011. He started earning Dh800 but now gets up to Dh4,000 because he got better positions at work. Even though he had loans of about Dh100,000 back in his home country, he always saved Dh50 or Dh100 to buy tickets with his friends. His lucky number, 191115, turned out to be the winning one.

Khan is from Rajasthan and lives with his parents, wife, three kids, a brother, and sisters. He wants to use the prize money to pay back his loans and maybe start his own business. He is excited to bring his family to see Dubai too.

He compared his journey to the story of King Robert Bruce and the Spider. They never gave up, and neither did Khan and his friends since 2015. Even though things were tough, Khan kept hope alive. He is thankful to his bosses at work and his family for supporting him. Moreover, he wants to help his family and others with the money.

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