Monday, May 27, 2024

Indian Man Made a One Wheel Electric Scooter at Home

When we think of vehicles, we usually picture motorcycles, scooters, or cars with two or more wheels. Wheels play a crucial role in these vehicles as they provide balance and make our lives easier. However, there are now innovators worldwide who are trying to reimagine the experience of motoring. They have developed scooters and motorcycles that use only one wheel instead of two. In India, a creator has built a one-wheel self-balancing electric scooter, and the process was documented in a video uploaded by Creative Science on their YouTube channel.

The video demonstrates how the one-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter was built from scratch. The creator begins by drawing the basic structure of the scooter on cardboard. This allows them to create a mold of their design and make any necessary corrections before working with metal sheets, which are more challenging to modify. Once the cardboard design is finalized, the creator transfers it onto a large metal sheet and cuts out the pieces. These metal pieces are then welded together to form the arch for the wheel.

The scooter utilizes a wide wheel with a hub motor, as wider wheels are easier to balance compared to narrower ones. The creator also fabricates a seat using metal sheets and includes a storage compartment beneath it to house the battery pack that powers the scooter. A fairing, resembling the design of older scooters, is also constructed from metal sheets. The handlebar and headlamp unit are borrowed from an existing scooter. A bracket is made to secure the wheel, and a metal pipe is fabricated to serve as a rod holding the handlebar in place.

Once the structural work is completed, a self-balancer sensor is added to the scooter. This sensor is crucial for maintaining stability, as it helps the scooter stay upright despite having only one wheel. Proper installation of the sensor is essential, and it should not move around to ensure accurate calibration. The wires from the wheel are connected to the sensor, and a set of wires from the sensor is connected to the throttle cable.

After completing the technical aspects, the panels are removed, and the entire scooter is given a paint job. It receives a coat of primer followed by a yellow color spray. Sharp metal edges on the scooter are covered using a pipe. Overall, the scooter proves to be a success, and it is seen being driven on the road without any issues. Though it may appear unusual, it surprisingly functions well. The sensor installed in the scooter prevents it from falling forward or backward. The remarkable aspect of this video is that the creator built the one-wheeled electric scooter at home without relying on advanced modern technologies.

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