Friday, May 31, 2024

Indian Man Wins Dh 25,000 Monthly for 25 Years at Emirates Draw

Magesh Kumar Natarajan, hailing from India, has struck it big in the Emirates Draw by winning Dh 25,000 each month for a span of 25 years. He is the inaugural worldwide grand prize champion from outside the UAE.

Magesh’s reaction to the news was a mix of surprise and elation when he discovered that he had matched all five numbers. His belief in the reality of his win was strengthened when Emirates Draw contacted him with the good news.

Magesh, a 49-year-old project manager from Tamil Nadu, India, who had spent four years working in Saudi Arabia. It was during this time that he learned about the popular Dubai draws and decided to try his luck, hoping for a significant prize.

Now, with this life-changing windfall, Magesh has clear intentions. He aims to give back to the community, extending support to those in need. Moreover, he is resolute about investing in his daughters’ education, securing a brighter future for his family.

Magesh holds a special appreciation for Emirates Draw, not only for the personal impact it has made on his life but also for its positive contributions to the community. He values the draw’s association with the Coral Reef Restoration Programme, which makes each ticket purchase a meaningful choice.

Emirates Draw’s Managing Partner, Mohammad Behroozian Alawadhi, is ecstatic about Magesh’s win. He emphasizes their broader vision, which goes beyond just games, aiming to positively impact and transform lives on a global scale through initiatives like FAST5.

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