Monday, September 25, 2023

Indian Rupee Rises Against UAE Dirham, Latest Rate Here

The Indian rupee is doing well compared to the US dollar and the UAE Dirham in early trading. It has gone up by 9 paise and is now at 82.93 against the US dollar, which is equivalent to 22.59 against the UAE Dirham. This increase is because of positive news from Indian stock markets and the US dollar being weaker against other currencies.

However, the Indian rupee is facing some challenges. Crude oil prices are high, above USD 90 per barrel, and foreign money is leaving the country, which is putting pressure on the rupee, according to foreign exchange traders.

In simpler terms, the Indian rupee is starting the day in a good position against the US dollar and the UAE Dirham. It’s getting stronger because of positive stock market news and a weaker US dollar. But there are also challenges, like expensive oil and foreign money leaving India, which are affecting the rupee’s value.

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