Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Indian YouTuber Converts Honda Civic into Lamborghini in Just Rs. 12.5 Lacs

Indian YouTuber Tanna Dhaval, from Gujarat, has become famous for turning a 2008 Honda Civic into a lookalike of the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, an electric concept car. Dhaval dedicated over a year to this challenging project, keeping the original engine and accessories while sourcing parts to create the impressive yellow ‘Lamborghini’.

The project cost around Rs. 12.5 lakh (equivalent to PKR 41 Lacs). A large part of the expenses went into the chassis and labor needed for the transformation. Dhaval documented every step of the process on his YouTube channel, sharing the details with his followers.

Dhaval added custom touches to the car, such as a Lamborghini logo, a “63” sticker to honor British racing driver George Russell, and the Indian tricolor to show his patriotic pride. The project not only showcased his creativity and dedication but also drew significant attention from car enthusiasts and the general public, making him a viral sensation.

Through his videos, Dhaval demonstrated the intricate work involved in modifying the car, from designing and fabricating new parts to painting and adding the final details. His efforts and the final result highlight his passion for cars and his skills as a builder, earning him praise and admiration from viewers around the world.

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