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India’s first ever Apple store is set to open in Mumbai

The Jio World Drive mall, owned by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, will soon house the first Apple Store. In addition, Apple is constructing its second retail location, which will open soon in Delhi.

To maintain its exclusive reputation in the nation, the most valuable tech business in the world, known as People, will soon launch its first retail location in India. Although the official launch date has yet to be declared, the Cupertino, California-based company posted a photo on Wednesday of the barricade surrounding its retail location in Mumbai, the financial centre of India.

At a time when sales of Apple products, particularly the iPhone, have exploded in India, the corporation is opening an Apple Store there. Apple has a lot of room to develop in the premium smartphone market because India is the world’s second-largest smartphone market. Now, Cupertino has also increased the size of its Indian manufacturing facilities.

In well-known international locations, including New York, Dubai, London, and Tokyo, Apple has more than 500 outlets. Every store has undergone a renovation to “feel like a town square” and serve as a venue for public activities. The space where all Today at Apple events are held in Apple Stores is notable for its canopy of trees and enormous “visual wall,” which is used in the more interactive sessions.

It would be “arriving shortly,” according to a sign outside the business. A request for more information, such as the opening date, was not immediately answered by Apple (AAPL). The California-based company’s first foray into the Indian market through third-party resellers occurred more than 20 years prior to the debut.

For many years, it was prohibited for Apple and other international merchants to open stores in the nation unless at least 30% of their raw materials were produced domestically, requiring them to rely on local partners. As the Indian government reduced some investment regulations in 2019, that situation altered.

The business opened an online store in India in 2020, enabling people to purchase its goods and customise some devices for the first time. Tim Cook, the company’s┬áCEO, has previously emphasised the significance of establishing a local retail network, saying, “I don’t want somebody else to operate the brand for us.”

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