Tuesday, October 3, 2023

India’s Man Breaks Pakistan’s Guinness World Record of Breaking 273 Walnuts with Head in a Minute

Naveen Kumar from Andhra Pradesh, India, has achieved something amazing. He broke a Guinness World Record for smashing the ‘most walnuts with the head in one minute.’ In just one minute, he cracked open 273 walnuts, which is more than the previous record of 254 walnuts held by Muhammad Rashid from Pakistan since 2018.

Kumar’s achievement was captured in a video where he kept a fast and steady pace the whole time. He got help from martial arts instructor Prabhakar Reddy, who also holds martial arts records.

This rivalry between Rashid and Kumar has been going on for a while. Rashid set the record by cracking 150 walnuts in 2014, then improved it to 181 walnuts in 2016.

Kumar beat Rashid’s record by cracking 217 walnuts in 2017. They even competed on a TV show in Italy in 2018, where both broke the record. Rashid cracked 254 walnuts, while Kumar cracked 239, so Rashid won.

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