Friday, May 24, 2024

India’s Match is in the Past ,Our First Goal is to Reach the Semi-Final; Mohammad Nawaz

Mohammad Nawaz, a Pakistani all-rounder, shared his thoughts on Pakistan’s recent seven-wicket loss to India, stating that it’s now in the past. Nawaz, who is considered an important player for Pakistan, acknowledged that the team’s performance in that match would naturally lead to criticism.

He mentioned that in India-Pakistan matches, the players who perform well are celebrated as heroes, as fans from both countries have high expectations.

Looking ahead to their upcoming matches, Nawaz emphasized that there are still six more games to play, and the team is focused on reaching the World Cup semi-finals as their primary goal.

Nawaz also acknowledged that the team has been facing challenges in the middle overs, particularly in taking wickets. While they can score runs on flat wickets, their focus is on improving their wicket-taking ability during the middle overs.

Regarding the upcoming match against Australia, Nawaz recognized Australia’s strong comeback and stressed the importance of winning the game to regain confidence and enhance their chances of reaching the semi-finals.

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