Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Inside Details of PTI-govt Election Talks

The inside story of the meeting of the government and opposition negotiation committees related to the general elections has come out. According to the sources, the federal government is ready to show more flexibility on the election date.

Sources say that in the meeting, it was agreed to continue the negotiations between the government and the opposition. Further negotiations can be held after submitting the report to the Supreme Court.

According to the sources, in the meeting, the federal government refused to dissolve the assemblies before May 14 and said that the assemblies cannot be dissolved before the budget.

Sources say that the negotiations stalled due to non-agreement on the date of dissolution of the assemblies in the meeting. Negotiations can be held again after the decision of the Supreme Court.

Sources further said that the PTI’s stand on the matter of PTI bringing unity with PML-N was that mistrust may arise due to the attitudes of several ministers of PML-N.

According to the sources, the government committee in the meeting declared the negative statements of the federal ministers as unnecessary.

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