Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Instagram Unveils Generative AI Background Editing Tool

Instagram’s new AI tool, “backdrop,” introduced by Meta’s head of generative AI, Ahmad Al-Dahle, lets users in the U.S. create cool backgrounds for their Stories.

You can tell the AI what you want, like “chased by dinosaurs” or “surrounded by puppies,” and it transforms your photo background. Just tap the backdrop button in a new Story, and a “Try it” sticker helps friends explore the feature.

This follows similar moves by platforms like Snapchat, which introduced AI-generated image creation. Meta has been bringing AI to popular apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, with features like Dreams and Imagine with Meta. Messenger’s “Reimagine” also lets users remix and re-edit AI images shared in chats. It’s all part of making your social media experience more creative and fun!

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