Friday, September 29, 2023

Instagrammer Buys Up Second Hand A380 Planes to Start World’s Newest Airline

James Asquith is a British entrepreneur with over a million Instagram followers and a record of visiting every country. He is embarking on a new venture, the world’s newest Airline, Global Airlines. Setting up shop at Gatwick, Asquith is making a unique move by acquiring second-hand A380 planes at bargain prices, despite other Airlines moving away from these double decker Aircraft.

Asquith’s optimism stems from his belief that passengers will adore the A380’s spaciousness and comfort. His vision is to revive the “golden age” of flying, and business class experience that will entice travelers away from established carriers.

Taking a bold approach, Asquith is choosing to purchase the planes instead of leasing them. He believes it will save costs and allow him to invest more in enhancing the passenger experience.

Some skeptics express reservations about the challenging aviation landscape, especially after the impact of the pandemic, the Ukraine war, and the ongoing cost of living crisis. However, Asquith remains undeterred, determined to prove that Global Airlines can soar to success.

The self-made entrepreneur plans for Global Airlines to begin flights from Gatwick to New York by the following spring. Unshaken in his belief, Asquith is confident Global Airlines will defy skeptics and shine.

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