Saturday, July 20, 2024

Instagram’s New Feature to Allow Users to Share Feed Post with ‘Close Friends’

Instagram is addressing user concerns about its algorithmic feed by testing a new feature that allows users to exclusively share feed posts with their “Close Friends” group.

Although Instagram has confirmed the testing, the exact countries where it is being tested have not been specified. The inclusion of this feature could potentially reduce the need for users to maintain a separate “finsta” account for sharing content exclusively with close friends.

Previously, Instagram introduced the option to share Stories with a private list of “Close Friends” globally in 2018. In 2019, the platform experimented with group chatting within the “Close Friends” circle through the now-discontinued Threads app.

In December, Instagram introduced Notes, enabling users to share text updates with friends. Additionally, the platform has recently introduced features like music sharing, translation, and location sharing for Notes.

The testing of the new feature aligns with Instagram’s ongoing goal to provide users with diverse ways to express themselves and connect with others on the platform.

By allowing users to customize who sees their feed posts, Instagram aims to address the impersonal nature of the algorithmic feed and create a more personalized experience for users.

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