Saturday, July 13, 2024

Inter Miami Gains to Over 1 Million Followers Within 12 Minutes of Lionel Messi’s Arrival Announcement

Inter Miami experienced a significant increase in their Instagram followers shortly after Lionel Messi announced his decision to join the club. Within just 12 minutes of the announcement, the team gained one million new followers on Instagram.

Messi, who recently played his final game for Paris Saint-Germain, will be joining Inter Miami as a free agent after his contract with PSG expires this month. Despite being a relatively new team in the MLS, Inter Miami’s popularity soared with Messi’s arrival. However, some players, like goalkeeper Nick Marsman, have expressed concerns about the team’s readiness for Messi’s arrival.

Additionally, there are reports suggesting that Sergio Busquets, who recently left Barcelona after a long tenure, could also potentially join Inter Miami at the end of the season.

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