Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Internet Suspension Leaves Daily Earning Riders Jobless

In a shocking turn of events, a sudden internet suspension enforced by the government has left thousands of daily-earning riders without jobs, causing severe economic hardship for those who depend on the gig economy.

The unexpected move has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the wider implications of such actions on the livelihoods of vulnerable workers.

Daily-earning riders, who rely on online platforms to connect with customers and provide their services, have been hit the hardest.

These workers, often using their motorcycles or bicycles, have become an integral part of the urban workforce, providing essential services such as food delivery, transportation, and courier services.

The internet suspension has effectively severed the connection between riders and customers, leaving them jobless overnight. Unable to access the platforms they depend on, they find themselves unable to secure any source of income.

For many, this sudden loss of work means they can no longer support themselves and their families, plunging them into financial despair.

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