Tuesday, June 25, 2024

iOS 18 to Bring These AI Features to iPhones

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter, has disclosed insights about Apple’s forthcoming iOS 18, scheduled to debut at the Worldwide WWDC event next month. According to Gurman, iOS 18 will introduce advanced AI functionalities akin to those available on Android devices. These will encompass AI-driven tools such as article summarization, enhanced photo editing capabilities, voice memo transcriptions, and more.

Additionally, Gurman highlighted improvements in Siri’s conversational capabilities within the upcoming iOS update. Apple aims to make Siri’s interactions more natural and efficient, integrating features designed to aid users in their daily routines through what they term “proactive intelligence.” This initiative includes functions like summarizing notifications, offering concise summaries of news articles, transcribing voice notes, and refining existing features like automated calendar updates and app recommendations.

Gurman emphasized that Apple intends to prioritize on-device AI processing to bolster both speed and user privacy. Despite also utilizing cloud services housed in data centers equipped with high-end Apple silicon chips, Apple remains focused on optimizing on-device processing. Unlike some competitors, Apple reportedly does not plan to incorporate a ChatGPT-style chatbot in its upcoming AI features, despite previous speculation. Apple executives have acknowledged internal efforts to enhance the company’s standing in the AI realm.

Anticipation is mounting for Apple’s significant venture into AI, which is expected to be showcased during previews of its next-generation software updates at WWDC, commencing on June 10.

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