Thursday, April 18, 2024

iPhone Users are Happier, have more Money and more Friends than Android Users, Says Study

A recent study by online retailer Slickdeals surveyed 1,000 Android users and 1,000 iPhone. They found that iPhone owners tend to have more money, more friends, and are generally happier than Android users.

Social Butterflies v/s Homebodies

iPhone users were 27% more likely to say they were very happy with their lives, and they had an average of 5 close friends compared to just 3 for Android users. iPhone owners typically spend their ideal weekend nights out with friends, while Android users prefer staying at home to read or watch TV.

Better Income

The survey also found that iPhone users earn an average income of $53,251 per year, far greater than the $37,040 that Android users earn.

Self-Image- Taste for luxury

iPhone users spend more money on items related to self-image, such as clothing and cosmetics, and take an average of 12 selfies per day, while Android users take only seven selfies on a daily basis.

Screen Time

People with iPhones spend 4 hours and 54 minutes looking at their devices daily, compared to 3 hours and 42 minutes for Android owners.


The study suggests that iPhone users are generally care-free, wealthier and extroverts, than their Android counterparts. This could be one reason for the disparity in lifestyle and happiness levels between the two groups.

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