Thursday, September 21, 2023

iPhones Can Now Perfectly Copy Your Voice in 15 Minutes

Apple recently released the iOS 17 Beta 2 update to developers and beta testers, and now it is available to the general public as well. This latest version includes a redesigned update screen that provides more details about the beta software. It also introduces several significant features that were announced at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference).

One of the intriguing features in iOS 17, although not mentioned during the announcements, is called Personal Voice. This functionality allows iPhones running iOS 17 to mimic your voice convincingly. To use it, you can go to your phone’s accessibility settings and locate Personal Voice. From there, you can create your personal voice by speaking a few phrases for about 15 minutes. The phone will then process the data overnight and generate a synthesized version of your voice. While the synthesized voice may sound slightly robotic, it still bears a close resemblance to your actual voice.

Aside from the Personal Voice feature, iOS 17 brings other notable enhancements. Users can now easily share files between iPhones by simply touching the two devices together, utilizing AirDrop and WiFi Direct technology. Additional features include contact posters, improved autocorrect, Standby Mode, MicroLocation settings, new widget options for Apple Music, and more.

With these updates, iOS 17 aims to offer an enhanced user experience and a range of new functionalities for iPhone users.

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