Monday, July 22, 2024

Sculpture of Iqbal in Lahore, made by the Local Gardeners in Love for Iqbal

Due to the unfortunate and botched reconstruction of the creative work, a new sculpture of the ‘Poet of the East’ is attracting interest.

The Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park sculpture of Allama Iqbal has become the butt of social media jokes, and has even prompted a link with previous artworks.

Some people considered the carving an ‘evidence of nepotism’ while others asked the Deputy Commissioner to remove the sculpture as it’s a disgrace to look at this.

This was not authorized by the Governing Authorities according to the Park Management’ and claims that this was made on their own by the local gardeners i.e. ‘Mallis’. With due love and respect, they made Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s sculpture. They were not even paid a single penny for this.

After fact check, the unskilled gardeners are also praised by few netizens for creating the sculpture without any finance.

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