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Is this the Shopping Festival that’s in Your Reach?

In this era of soaring inflation, can you manage to make purchases solely with cash? Now consider those with a household income ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000. How can they even contemplate acquiring items like a small fridge (priced at 45k), a TV (40k), or even a basic smartphone (Rs. 30k)? It’s nearly impossible, and as a result, the wealth gap is widening every day.

Qist Bazaar’s Installment Expo 2023 is a distinctive event designed for the common Pakistani, where all essential household items are available through easily manageable installment plans. You don’t need a credit card, a bank account, or a high-paying job to qualify—Everyone is Eligible.

What brands are participating in the Qist Bazaar easy payment plans at the installment expo?

Samsung, Sparx, Itel, Infinix, Dawlance, Westpoint, Moltyfoam Mattresses, AGS Batteries, GFC AC/DC Fans, Tyres, Refurbished DELL / HP / LENOVO LAPTOPS, SuperPower Bikes, Jolta Scooty FOR WOMEN, and many more and all products are offered on easy monthly installments.

Qist Bazaar is dedicated to democratizing access to basic household essentials because access to these necessities is a right, and not a privilege. Additionally, other startups that are making a positive impact on the everyday lives of ordinary Pakistanis are participating in this expo:

  • Oraan: A Fintech empowering woman and their households with easier access to finance through digital committees.
  • Sehat Kahani: Offering affordable healthcare coverage to the masses digitally.
  • Bus Caro: Providing budget-friendly transportation options for officegoers.
  • Krave Mart: An online grocery platform, making top brands accessible to the average Pakistani.

“Often you see these ads on tv or attend these giant expos displaying products that you love but just can’t afford it, and you are not one of the lucky 2 million Pakistani’s that have a credit card, then what do you do? Either you kill your wishes or go to a loan shark.  Qist Bazaar is your alternative, providing Riba-Free Shariah Compliant options to suit everyone needs.”
– Arif Lakhani – Co-Founder Qist Bazaar, the arranger of this unique expo.

 “Other than having strategic alliance with the sponsoring brand, Qist Bazaar, Installment Expo 2023 provides an excellent opportunity for brands like Oraan to showcase their innovative products and create awareness about how savings can also be achieved through instalments.”
– Halima Iqbal – Founder, Oraan

Sehat Kahani is happy to participate in the QistBazaar’s Installment Expo 2023. At the expo as you buy many commodities on easy installments and instantly, Sehat Kahani is proud to provide you quality and affordable access to online doctors using Sehat Kahani Application. For all expo customers, Sehat Kahani will be giving away free online consultation promo codes and subscription coupons for monthly unlimited access to online doctors. We will also be giving 10% discount our pharmacy services.”
– Dr Sara Saeed Khurram, Co- Founder, Sehat Kahani

Krave Mart is excited to showcase all that we offer for our customers, from groceries to gifts at the Qist Bazaar expo, highlighting our commitment to making quality goods accessible and to celebrate Qist Bazaar’s vision to provide customers convenient instalment plans.”
– Kassim Shroff, Co- Founder, Krave Mart

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