Sunday, April 14, 2024

Islamabad Bans BBQ, Bonfire, and Smoking in Margalla Hills

The IWMB asked the administration to forbid tree-cutting, smoking, bonfires, burning, leaving trash and plastic lying around, and carrying flammable objects including lighters, charcoal, matchsticks, gasoline, and kerosene in the national park.

In response notification published in Islamabad, Margalla Hills National Park has been closed to all forms of recreation as part of another initiative by the administration in the nation’s federal capital to reduce air pollution, littering, and forest fires. (MHNP).

The administration published a notification claiming that these activities violate the Islamabad Wildlife (Protection, Preservation, Conservation, and Management) Ordinance 1979 because they cause habitat loss, pollute water, and clear land for other uses in the Margalla Hills National Park. According to the notification, the order would go into effect right away and last for two months.

The board warned the capital administration in a letter that there is a chance of forest fires in the national park from April to July, which is fire season. Better planning is required to prevent forest fires in order to protect the park’s wildlife and plant life. In order to protect the park against forest fires with its limited resources, the board develops a fire protection strategy and solicits assistance from other organizations like civic authorities.

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