Friday, May 24, 2024

Islamabad Police to Get More Smart Patrolling Cars

It is confirmed that the Islamabad Police is preparing to arrange new patrol vehicles to help minimize federal capital crime.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, Minister of the Interior expressed a firm commitment to upgrade the capital police with state-of-the-art vehicles fitted with cameras, megaphones, searchlights, HIDs, first-aid kits and other related features.

Sources close to the capital police have reported that a few new patrol vehicles in various areas of Islamabad are already monitoring security measures.

The department of police is also optimistic about the changes currently underway to make the capital city a safer city.

One of the sources claimed, “A control system will also be implemented through smart cars equipped with the latest technology. The Islamabad Police will be equipped with additional cars for effective checking.”

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad declared that without causing them any pain or inconvenience, the local government is preparing new security arrangements to serve the citizens of Islamabad more effectively.

He said that once the city police get more smart patrol cars for their fleet, they will permanently eliminate the remaining checkpoints in the capital and also, the new patrol vehicles will help monitor suspicious activity anywhere on Islamabad’s roads.

Since 17 December, 18 of the 21 most famous control posts in different parts of Islamabad have been withdrawn by the Capital Police.

In a statement, Sheikh Rasheed stated that the latest improvements in security measures will make visitors feel safe and at home.

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