Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Islamabad Police to Hire Retired Military Soldiers

Islamabad Police is to recruit around 200 retired military soldiers to join the forces. The recruitment will be based on a diverse range of expertise. The initial phase will begin soon.

The minimum education level considered is matriculation. Experienced military veterans till 42 years of age will be considered. They will be employed at the Red Zone area and other sensitive area buildings to improve security.

The documents required for the recruitment are the following.

  • National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • Educational documents including diploma / degrees.
  • A character certificate.

Considering that Islamabad and the Red Zone is the most targeted city during the protests, increasing the security to these areas is highly crucial. The previous incidents of violent protests on 9th May are evident of the need to improve the law-and-order situation in the country.

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