Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Italian Experts Built World’s First Car with ‘Zero’ Ground Clearance

Car enthusiasts in the car culture world often seek to create unique and attention-grabbing concepts. Recently, a group of Italian car enthusiasts called ‘Carmagheddon’ on YouTube has created an unconventional car using a modified first-generation Fiat Panda.

The modification involved removing the lower part of the car, resulting in a three-wheeler where the wheels are hidden. Despite its unusual design, the car can move forward, steer, and accommodate a driver, although it differs from regular cars.

The car is powered by a small single-cylinder engine placed at the front. Instead of a typical steering wheel, it is controlled using a slim handlebar that extends towards the rear, keeping the driver at a safe distance from the engine.

Safety and seating present challenges in this car. In the accompanying video, the driver is seen either lying down on a wooden plank or fitting themselves uncomfortably to get inside. Additionally, the driver relies on a smartphone-connected camera positioned below them for visibility.

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