Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Italy Urgently Needs 600,000 Foreign Workers for These Jobs

Italy is currently facing a shortage of workers in several industries, leading to a reliance on foreign workers to fill job vacancies across the country. The European Labor Authority (EURES) has identified key sectors, including healthcare, technology, construction, and hospitality, with high demand for workers.

This shortage creates an opportunity for skilled individuals from abroad, particularly in professions such as doctors, nurses, engineers, and skilled construction workers. On the other hand, jobs like mail sorting, delivery clerks, and bank officers are expected to have below-average demand and low recruitment difficulty.

The Ministry of Interior of Italy revealed that Italian employers have submitted around 608,000 pre-applications for non-European Union (EU) workers ahead of the annual work visa lottery. However, the quota for non-EU workers for the upcoming year has been set at 136,000.

These applications cover various sectors, with a significant number for seasonal positions in tourism and agriculture, as well as non-seasonal roles in construction and related fields.

Earlier this year, Italy made changes to legislation governing foreign workers and residence permits to streamline processes. Non-EU citizens wishing to work in Italy must follow a specific procedure, starting with securing a job.

The Italian employer can then apply for a work permit, and once granted, the individual can apply for a work visa at the Italian representative offices in their home countries. These changes aim to make it easier for foreign workers to find employment and relocate to Italy.

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