Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Jahanzeb Rizwan becomes First Pakistani Boxer to Win Golden Gloves Championship in US

American boxer Jahanzeb Rizwan, who is of Pakistani descent, has won the National Golden Gloves competition. The amateur boxer won all 12 of his fights in the championship, knocking out his opponent in the third round. The up-and-coming fighter also received praise for his remarkable skill set.

He wrote a touching message on social media. The top fighter added, “The only reason I’m here is because of Allah, and without Allah, I wouldn’t even be here in this great position.” He thanked his parents, relatives, and friends for their unwavering support since the tournament’s first day.

Jahanzeb claimed that he dedicated his entire life to this competition, and that his labours were ultimately rewarded. “Like Muhammad Ali stated, I detested every second of training, but I pleaded with you not to give up. He said, “Suffer now and live the rest of your life as champions.

He said despite the ailments he sustained throughout his last five months of fighting preparation. “Like Jimmy and my dad always say, I learnt to become a fighter and battle through the pain…One week before the fight i fractured my right hand and was worried about winning the fight…Even after battling with practically one hand, I conquered 2 foes, fear, and my opponent, even though I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t inform them until after the fight because I was too afraid, the rest of his post states.

In videos posted by his official Instagram account, he is seen carrying the Pakistani flag as his loved ones applaud him.

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