Monday, July 22, 2024

Javed Afridi Finally Breaks Silence on FBR Investigation Against MG Motors

As per details, FBR starts research on ‘mega under-invoicing scam.’ The reports further claimed that “proof” of under-invoicing has also been circulated for proper investigation with concerned authorities and government ministers.

Javed Afridi, MG Pakistan’s main stakeholder, quickly took to his social media to explain the matter. His tweet read:

“Pakistani car buyers have been taken advantage of for decades by cartels that concerned them with low-quality, bland models at exorbitant prices. Plus, customers had to pay billions of rupees to get the price they had already paid to sell the vehicles themselves. As new entrants put in innovative new models at even lower costs, we expect malignant campaigns and unsubstantiated rumours instead of rivalry. Though we know that competition in Pakistan’s automotive industry is an unknown phenomenon, we invite everyone to engage in a fair competition to serve Pakistani customers at lower prices with a larger and better range of automobiles.”

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